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If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it, and why?

I would record a audio message and send it into space then I would drive to a beach and think about life and who we are.
7th-Nov-2011 08:52 pm - Writer's Block: The missing piece
What do you believe we are missing in this world?
My Book!! it's coming soon :-)
9th-Sep-2011 12:01 am - Writer's Block: Your 15 Minutes
If you had your own reality show, what would it be called? What would it be about?

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?
Seeing my family again after 8 years..
22nd-Aug-2011 04:31 am - Writer's Block: Scary movie
What is the scariest horror flick you’ve seen?

Dan's donating 25% of his bar tab to fund clean water for people in need: "We all know that there comes a point in the night where you shouldn't have had that last beer or to have another beer wouldn't do you any good... I want to try and turn that wasted money into something more meaningful." He's starting small and simple; a great idea. Read more and consider joining him in something similar:
22nd-Feb-2010 03:37 pm(no subject)
Must Love Dogs Rescue of Maryland rescued 4 heartworm positive dogs... Treatment costs $300-$400 per dog... so if you could donate ANYTHING, that would be completely awesome, just follow the link and click on the CHIP IN button in the little box. You can donate through PayPal or... credit card. I donated $20 cause that's all I can give, but yeah, anything helps. They've only gotten 5 contributors so far and only $200 out of $1000 needed... Please help if you can!

Must Love Dogs Rescue of Maryland
21st-Sep-2009 12:49 am - Share to Care
Snapfish ~ Share to Care
Throughout October, Snapfish will offer free "Share to Care" photo greeting cards for its customers to send to friends and family members. In addition, calendars, photo books, notebooks, notepads and stickers are at the Snapfish "Share to Care" Store, where 30 percent of all proceeds will be donated to Breastcancer.org.

Article about the event: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/164491.php
Snapfish Website: http://www.snapfish.com/

Currently the "Share to Care" section of the store is still called "Pink Gives"

Edited: updated link: http://www.snapfish.com/sharetocare Dont forget your free card or to purchase something from the section.
19th-Sep-2009 02:21 am - Unite to Fight Prematurity
Calling All Bloggers: Get Ready to Unite to Fight Prematurity
November 17 is dedicated to raising awareness of the crisis of premature birth and the March of Dimes is inviting all bloggers to get involved!

Put a badge on your blog during November (Prematurity Awareness Month) , and on November 17 blog for a baby you love.

For more details on how you can help, read about the Bloggers Unite event at http://www.bloggersunite.org/event/fight-for-preemies

2nd-Sep-2009 11:57 am - Pay It Forward!
take it all in!
I wasn't sure if this would be considered a request for sponsorship, but I thought I'd try. If it doesn't fit into the rules, I understand!

We have an awesome new project in the Community Service Department, reminiscent of "Pay It Forward," that tracks random acts of kindness as they spread across the country. You get a card, you go to the blogspot, you comment on your card number along with the city/state in which it was passed.

Move the World Blogspot.

I am handing out cards like nobody's business but so far I am the only person (I think) to comment on our blog! If you would like a card (or two, or three, or six), please comment here OR email me (fyrefly_@hotmail.com, put "MOVE THE WORLD" in the subject line) with the following information:

-your name and mailing address
-how many cards you want(no more than six)

I will pay for stamps and mailing.

It would be a random act of kindness in its own right to help us get off the ground, and I for one would really appreciate it!
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